KS Ingresos
Meet KS


KS Ingresos was born out of a passion of the short-term rental industry. As two devoted hosts from Belgium, Kim and Sebastiaan recognised a void in education and understanding of finance and revenue for those involved in the industry.

Kim, with a background as an IT project manager specialising in accounting and finance software, had already combined her knowledge and experience into her own business as a private finance consultant and coach. Sebastiaan, on the other hand, had started his career as an airline pilot with TUI but switched careers due to the COVID lockdowns. He joined a property management start-up and helped build it into a thriving company with over 500 properties, where he was the CFO and head of revenue management. With his developed techniques, he increased revenues from 15% to 40%. He further expanded his knowledge with a master’s degree in financial strategy at the University of Oxford. 

Together, Kim and Sebastiaan founded KS Ingresosa revenue and finance
strategy consultancy firm for all involved in the short-term rental industry.
Their mission is to educate and empower their clients with revenue and finance
strategies, enabling them to maximise profits and achieve long-term financial

With their unique approach, Kim and Sebastiaan actively coach their clients,
going through every season with them and teaching them the trade of revenue
management. At the end of their coaching and follow-up, clients are equipped to
do their own revenue management while having access to support from
KS Ingresos

At KS Ingresos, Kim and Sebastiaan are the experts you can rely on. With their
knowledge and experience, they provide customized solutions to meet the
needs of their clients. Their vision is to be the go-to resource for the short-term
rental industry, known for delivering innovative and effective solutions that
achieve long-term financial growth. 

The Queen

Once upon a time, Kim and Sebastiaan were discussing the perfect symbol to represent their company, KS Ingresos. They wanted something that would be easily recognisable and convey the values of their business. 

As they pondered, they noticed a chessboard nearby. They began playing a game and as they strategised their moves, they realised the queen chess piece represented everything they stood for. The queen is the most powerful piece on the board, representing leadership, strategy, and the ability to make bold moves.

The queen piece also symbolises the importance of protecting one’s assets, just as KS Ingresos strives to help their clients protect and maximise their profits. 

Kim and Sebastiaan immediately knew that the queen chess piece would become the symbol and logo of their company. It represents the expertise, leadership, and boldness they bring to their clients, ensuring they always have the upper hand in their business ventures.

Today, the queen chess piece proudly stands as the symbol of KS Ingresos, reminding them and their clients of the power of strategy and the importance of revenue.